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What is domain redemption status?

Redemption is the status that most TLDs will enter if they have not been renewed in time.

When the domain expires the website will no longer resolve and no changes can be made to the domain. However, for most TLDs, you will have a 27 day expiration grace period after the actual expiration date, in which you can renew (i.e. reactivate) a domain. If you do not renew the domain within this grace period, the domain may be placed into auction for a week. If not sold (rarely do the domains get sold at auction), then it is placed into the status of redemption by the registry.
Once in redemption, there is an additional fee of Euro 250,00 for reactivation. Your total cost for recovery will be Euro 250,00 + the renewal cost for the domain (depending on the TLD). If the domain is still not renewed, then after 80-85 days in the status of redemption it's made available for everyone again.
To recover a domain in redemption: submit a ticket or contact us via live chat with the domain and account details. We will assist you directly in recovering the domain and getting you back up online.

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