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Email accounts

Before you start setting up your email client, please be sure to create an email account in cPanel.

In your cPanel go to

Mail > Email accounts

The email account should be in the list of existing email accounts, otherwise you need to create it.

Email settings

  • Make sure that you have full email address as username (including
  • Port numbers must be as follows:

POP3: 110
IMAP: 143
SMTP: 25 or 26

  • Incoming and Outgoing Mail server:
No http://www. must be used; mail. prefix can be omitted
  • Choose POP3 if you want to download emails to your computer
  • Choose IMAP if you want them to stay on the server

Sometimes internet service providers filter port 25 in their network for internal reasons. If you fail to connect to SMTP via port 25, try port 26. If using port 26 results in failure as well, please try using port 465 with SSL protection enabled.

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